A little snippet about me…..

Hi friends!

So as you may have read in my last blog, I just updated my website, and unfortunately lost all of my blogs from before! (gasp!) but never fear! New and updated is good and I’m grateful to have a clean slate to start off 2018.

I made an Instagram post today about 5 random facts about myself, and was challenged to write 5 more facts to my story. (check it out here )

As I was sitting writing my little facts, I thought about how I have an about me, but didn’t delve into why or how I came into the photography scene and how it became so important to me.

In college I ran in head first saying I was going to be a psychologist. (Cue the laughter)

I took one psychology class and said YEAH RIGHT.

So then I was clueless what to do with my life. I had always liked art, wanted to make money (who doesn’t?) but didn’t really have any passions in life that had defined what I liked.

I decided the next semester to take a college course that would help me to see what I was good at and interested in. Here were the top 3 choices my testing in that class gave me:

  1. Nurse- here the problem. I HATE BLOOD AND NEEDLES.
  2. Teacher- Problem…. I’m not patient with other peoples kids. Heck, I’m hardly patient with my own!
  3. Graphic Designer

So I said “HUH, GRAPHIC DESIGN EHH?” So I decided to try it and see how it went.

Lets just say my first attempt at my graphic design class ended in pure and utter failure. I missed too many classes due to helping Jared with his broken wrist (I’ll write about that another day) and ended up failing the class. All in all though, it gave me perspective on college and on how to go back to that class with the necessary drive I needed.

After a few graphic design classes, typography, ceramics, watercolor, drawing x3, I did photography and MY GOODNESS IT CAPTIVATED MY SOUL.

Now mind you, I had never done much with a camera, lest selfies (come on you did them on your point and shoots, don’t try to lie to me), so doing everything in manual and having to edit a photo for reals for other people to see and to critique was rough.

I learned how to do many things, such as blur motion, stop motion, create depth of field, and take it away, when to shoot during the day, how to take all of that and throw it out the window, and then reign it back in.

Now mind you, when I look back at my college work I still cringe and go “WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING???” But really it made me grow and that’s all we can continue to do.

My first models were my sisters, and I love them for that.

The model who lit a fire under my butt was Blaire, and she made me grow and try new things as fast as I could.

And now here I am, working on making my business bigger, better and trying to learn and absorb anything and everything I can.

Thanks for reading about my little introduction to how I got where I am and hope to hear more about yourself!


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