Return on your Investment

This isn’t a business lesson. Heck, I’m still learning about that myself.
No, my friends, this is about the return on your investment as a friend, a neighbor, or even a client. So in a way, I guess this is a tad business related.
Something has been weighing heavy on my heart lately and I haven’t really had the right words to say about it, but I’m going to take a stab at it anyways and hope it comes off how I intended.
Us humans want to be appreciated, valued and loved. Don’t believe me? Read a little bit here about appreciation.
Here’s the thing; as a business owner, I’m learning more and more about who is invested in me and not just trying to get free services. This is a tough one because how are you supposed to tell your friends or family NO and show them your value if they aren’t initially showing it to you themselves?
I came across this simple but meaningful quote the other day: “Invest in people who invest in you.”
First of all…. WOW.
How profound is that?! I mean, it’s so simple but makes you stop and think about it. Invest in those who truly want you to succeed and value your time and talent.
I guess I don’t really have the answer to the question of how to get people to value you, but as the article above states, maybe they see that you don’t value and appreciate yourself and that is where it starts. You have to value yourself and appreciate what you do, your positive qualities, and all that makes you, you.
Here’s a little revelation for y’all.


I have been giving up a lot of my time, talent, knowledge and willpower for free. Constantly. And it’s my fault because I don’t say no and I don’t value myself.
Does that mean I hate myself? NO. Does that mean I’m a horrible friend for finally putting my foot down. ABSOLUTELY NOT.
A friend told me today in her terms: “If I’m doing hair for one of my friends who doesn’t value me and doesn’t pay me, that could be an appointment that I could have a client in my chair.” This whole discussion doesn’t just strictly mean photographers, as you can see by this cosmetologist.
For those of you who have continued to support me and value me, THANK YOU! Seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart. I couldn’t have come this far without continued support and you all mean so much to me. Those of you who have valued me when I may not have valued myself, you have made me grow, given me the desire to be better and find the value in myself.
With that being said, this year, right here and right now, I’m making a resolve to use two letters more.
The letter N and the letter O
So don’t take it personal, but you may hear me say it a little bit more.
Because I’m choosing to value myself and invest in those who return the value and invest in me.


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