3 Different Editing Styles: In with the New

2017 was a year of trial and error and learning where I wanted to be with my editing and who I was as an artist.

If you’re a photographer, you may hear the three styles that you subsequently will fit into: Light and airy, Moody, or True to Color.

As I’ve been in quite a few photography groups (like 10-15 of them), most people treated each others style much like the rest of the debates we as humans have; MINE IS BETTER.

Usually I only see people bash and trash each others style, each others cameras, etc etc. So it was hard for me to decide where I wanted to be. I had always been a true to color kind of girl, editing each and every single photo “by hand” and not using presets as a crutch.

True to Color Edit

I had always viewed presets as “cheating” and that anyone who was using presets couldn’t even call themselves a professional. So what did I do?


Because I have about 7 different types of preset packages that are sitting in my Lightroom now.

In any case, I’m learning to stop judging things, especially before I try them.

I jumped on the bandwagon (hahahaha) and decided to try all of the editing styles at the same time, which didn’t help me at all.

I had always wanted to try the light and airy look because it was so whimsical and just seemed so clean and perfect. I wanted to be light and clean and whimsical.

My attempt at light and airy

WELP, I couldn’t get my photos to look just right and it was so frustrating! I didn’t know if it was how I shoot (overexposed with no grain) that left little area to edit, but I just couldn’t achieve the look I wanted really.

So I tried moody. Luckily my over exposing made it easy to edit because I didn’t have to mess with the exposure in Lightroom, it was already light enough.

Moody Edit. See it’s good with that dimension stuff

So it stuck. I was a “moody” editor because that’s what preset looked best on my photos. I didn’t hate it, but I knew I didn’t love it. It just wasn’t fully me.

So lately I’ve just been doing what I’m doing, not really because I “loved” my edits, but because it worked and people seemed to like it. That’s when I found a preset (yeah, yeah, yeah.) that actually spoke to me.

Get this…. it was more true to colors, but just made it a little more vibrant and gave it the dimension I was wanting.

Light and airy was too light that all of the details and dimesion I love in my photos were disappearing and I found that it didn’t work for me. The moody stuff was great and had tons of dimension, but it was too muted and grainy for me. I even tried the warm/sepia/orange trend and it looked good on a few photos, but alas it wasn’t me. This feels like me. It has the light and airy aspect, while keeping the details, dimension and true nature of the work I am creating.

Will it be my final editing style? Probably not. And that’s okay because it’s good to grow and learn, and my goal is to learn the settings on this preset so that if anything ever happened to my preset file (which I hope it wont since I’ve saved it like 3 billion times everywhere), I can recreate it on my own.

I haven’t been able to try this preset on my sister yet, as I haven’t taken any new photos of her, but hopefully I will have some beautiful content when I get up there this next week 😉

Enjoy a picture of Blaire with my new editing style instead!

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