5 Engagement Photo and Invitation Tips

Weddings can be stressful, it’s no secret. Before you even get to the wedding day, there are plenty of of other things to worry about, such as getting your Engagement Photos done and sending out invitations. So lets go over 5 tips to help you be a little less stressed about Engagement Photos and your invitations!

1. Send out those Save the dates ASAP!

According to Brides.com, it is common courtesy to send out your save the dates, six to eight months before you tie the knot. Some people aren’t engaged that long, which is totally okay, but as soon as you have a date, it’s smart to send out a save the date so that people can put it on their calendar. Now, is this a wedding invitation? Yes and no. You’re letting them know when you’re wedding is, so you’re inviting them, but there aren’t a ton of details of what time the ceremony or reception starts, where the ceremony and reception will take place, etc. It is simply letting people know to block that date off and possibly make travel arrangements for that date. You can certainly have your engagement photos done this early to send on your save the dates, however not a necessity. If you do want your pictures on your save the dates, it is important to book an engagement session early so that your photographer can schedule with you, edit and deliver your photos in time for you to order and also send out save the dates.

2. Pick out your engagement outfit!

I personally have a style guide for my couples so that they can see what kind of outfits to look for. For a quick tip on this, decide if you want to go elegance and classy, or if you’d rather be more casual and comfy! There is nothing wrong with either way, because you want these pictures to emulate who you are. I’ve had couples wear suits and ball gowns to their sessions, and I’ve had couples that wear denim because that fits their persona. Some great ideas are to bring along some props, whether that be flowers, a cute hat, or a sign that means something to both of you, bring it! One of my couples brought a softball (and we did their first look for their wedding on a softball field) because they met by playing on the same softball team! That made a cute addition to their photos and they used them on their invitations. Another great option, PETS! Like these cutie pups that tagged along with us!

3. Decide your Location

This is a big part of your engagement photos because this somewhat determines what your photos will look like, as well as how you will dress. If you’re in Colorado and it’s snowing, you most likely won’t wear a dress and heel to walk around in the snow. However, if it’s snowing and you go to a hotel that you are able to warm up, a gown might be more feasible. If its 120 degrees in August here in Gilbert, Arizona, you probably won’t want to wear wool pants and a sweater, you’ll opt for something more breathable and light. Outfits aren’t the only thing to consider with location. When I have someone in Arizona that wants to book with me, I usually have them choose if they want somewhere with desert, urban or more foliage prone locations. Most of our surroundings are desert, but benefits are that they get amazing glow and the cactus is trending majorly right now. In Colorado, I’d ask if you want somewhere urban or mountain. There are plenty of different options for every location, but this determines the vibe you will have.

4. Give yourself Time

There are a few things to factor in for timing of photos; photographers availability, editing turnaround time, invites ordered and shipped to you, and finally sending them out yourself.  As with I stated with the save the dates, you may want pictures before even sending out save the dates. This would put pictures eight to ten months out depending on when you want to send save the dates. If you want to send a save the date that doesn’t include a picture, I would start thinking about your pictures four to five months before your wedding. My wedding packages include a complimentary engagement session. I want to get to know my couple before the big day and to see how I can improve depending on the feedback they provide me. It would be wise to make sure that your wedding photographer is a fit and use them for engagement photos. If it doesn’t work out, then you can search more, but this is why you also do your engagement session further out than you normally would think to.

5. Don’t stress it!

Are all of these things a must? No! Absolutely not. Just a rough guideline? Accurate. The thing I will say is don’t stress. It will show in your photos, and you won’t absolutely love them. Decide which kind of style you’re looking for in photos. Some people like lifestyle type photos-which is more un-posed and more documentary. Some people love to have direction and to have posed photos. Either is good and may be what you need to feel confident. Just remember, you chose your photographer so that they can direct and help you to get the best possible pictures. We do this often, and we love what we do, so we will make you look the best we can! So take a deep breath, and have fun with it!

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