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We’re Simple & Elegant

I’m Ariel! The face behind the lens. I could tell you all about my credentials and such, but we can talk about that at our session together!

I’m located in Gilbert, Arizona for starters! I’ve got a few kids, a couple of dogs, and a smokin’ soldier hubby, and they are the glue that holds me together.

I’ve always wanted to travel the world and the biggest pin on my world travel map is Europe, specifically France (for that world famous food).

If I could, I would live by the beach, hands down. I don’t know what it is about the sand, sun and salty sea, but that’s where my heart leads me.

I’m addicted to sweets (trying to change that) but the biggest cravings I had when pregnant was an ice cold coke (drooling). So we can be best friends if you like sweets too.

I love to read and write, but always have a mental block when it comes to writing about myself. I can finish a book in a day if my girls will let me πŸ˜‰

All-in-all, I want to get to know you more, and would love if you ask me off the wall questions!


Let’s talk together β†’


Pictures by: Chelsey Herrera & Allison Slater

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Our Mission

Our mission is to show you the best you that we can. You deserve to have amazing photos that you can look back on and cherish. I want to let your best light shine though.

Our Promise

We promise you will love your photos, or we will do our best to make it right. We want you to be satisfied with our work so years down the road you can look back and have fond memories.