Devin & Machella

I had the pleasure of taking photos of this little family and finished up my weekend with magic! I mean, LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ALL ARE! Poor Machella and Devin thought that their pups were horrible but we got some of the best pictures! I have found that I’m a better pet photographer than I am with little humans. You give a whistle or two and a squeak of a toy and you’ve got these pups attention, which is a feat because when you’re at a park you have lots of distractions! The sun was perfect and I love that we got a mixture of desert, water, and some urban landscapes all in one location. I’m so glad to have met them and made a new friend! I hope you enjoy their pictures and I can’t wait to get them fully edited!

  family-photos-3 family-photos family-photos-7 family-photos-6 family-photos-5 family-photos-4 family-photos-2