Luciana & Tyler

It’s been quite a while since I blogged, mostly because life has gotten away with me! I’ve been busy trying to make the business more successful and to also keep up on my social media, however neglecting my blog! So let me share with you a session that I’ve had recently that made me fall more in love with what I do! So Luciana contacted me on Instagram and we clicked right away! She’s the co-owner and creator of the Airfort ( and while here with her love, she wanted to get some couple images for them to have! So a little bit about them. They live in California in the San Diego area and were out here in the Phoenix area for Tyler to do spring training! He plays as an outfilder for the Chicago White Sox! How cool is that?! So on to our session, we decided on Papago Park because lets be real, it’s my favorite destination as well as the lighting there is always amazing because there’s no building in the way! After introducing ourselves, the first thing they told me was they aren’t very good at taking pictures. Let me tell you…. they were full of it!! Because I couldn’t narrow down their pictures. I chose 90. NINETY IMAGES Y’ALL. So needless to say… they’re amazing at being models. And here’s the funny thing, I felt like I had known them for years! Not for a few minutes. They were seriously the most genuine and sweet people ever. And I can’t wait to see them again because they are the cutest! I hope you enjoy their photos as much as I do, because I’ll never get enough. Until next time, stay cool 😉